What water to drink after the sport?

Do you still think of drinking before and especially during the sport but do you pay sufficient attention to your hydration after exercise? Besides the right amount, you must also choose the best water possible. Here are some tips to not go wrong.

Flat water or sparkling water after physical exertion?

Usually, in a daily diet, it is rather advisable to consume a flat water and to vary it regularly in order to optimize the contributions in essential nutrients peculiar to each mark. However, in sports, it’s different because it is necessary to bring your body a relatively salty water to offset the losses caused by perspiration .

A sparkling water after the effort is therefore a much better choice.

How to choose the right water?

Sparkling water is better than still water . Secondly, it is above all a matter of taste and feeling, each organism having its own needs. So which one to choose? Refer first to the labels and look for water rich in magnesium and sodium. From there, test and see which water you prefer: St Yorre is generally very popular with athletes.

I do not like sparkling waters, how?

You have an alternative to ensure a good recovery to your body, as well as excellent hydration after exercise: lemon water ! Indeed, adding a few drops of lemon to hot or cold water will boost your body thanks to an important antioxidant action.

This drink also contains many micronutrients. Little bonus; water with fresh lemon juice is refreshing . An idea to keep under the elbow for your running outings or any physical effort in the heat.

Here, during your next training, your outdoor outings and your upcoming competitions, do not overlook the hydration recovery. You now have all the information to choose the best water possible so that your body recovers quickly and well!

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