What sport exercises for obese?

An obese person can do a lot of physical activity , whether for the purpose of refining, stabilizing one’s weight, or being in better shape. The exercises should however be well chosen.

Which sport to choose when one is obese?

I am obese and want to lose weight , what activity to practice? This question is frequent and its answer less obvious than it seems. Indeed, some exercises are less suitable than others and can be very difficult or even lead to injuries.

Several physical activities are recommended for people who are morbidly obese :

– Swimming is particularly suitable for this case. It allows a smooth and efficient work, without risking to hurt the joints. To go further, think also aqua aerobics.

– Walking is an easy physical activity accessible to everyone. Just walking a little each day will improve your health and gradually decrease your abdominal fat .

– The bike is also easy and accessible . Ultra Keto Fuel In the gym, at home or on a real bike, you can work out your muscles. For weight loss, simply step up the pace to turn the ride into a cardio session.

Physical activity: where to start?

One can quite be in a state of severe obesity and be in good health. In any case, before you even start an activity, it is important to check your health with your doctor. His observations and advice will help you choose the most suitable activity. If you wish, he can also recommend a diet according to your needs . Diet is an important part of health and weight loss.

Then test several different activities to find one that you really like. If swimming and biking annoy you, explore other ideas, even the most original: yoga, fitness, dance, climbing, weight training or even hula hoop or pole dance , many activities are possible and are increasingly invested by overweight people . Do not be afraid to dare new experiences!

Do a group physical activity

Starting a sports activity is not so simple: you have to find and keep the motivation , and sometimes support some looks or comments hurtful and discouraging.

To get around this problem, more and more group classes are offered to obese people. The atmosphere is benevolent and full of good humor, we play sports while having fun, it’s very liberating and reassuring. What keep motivation in the long run!

With our advice, choose the right activity to find a health at the top and why not start a weight loss.

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