Top 10 most caloric pastries

What a pleasure to taste good little pastries to taste it! But be careful that this does not become a habit because they are very high Slimphoria Keto in calories and therefore bad for your diet . Besides, you wonder which ones are the sweetest and therefore the least recommended?

Here are the top 10 pastries to avoid…

  1. Chocolate brownie: a gourmet sin that weighs on the scales

It is one of the most caloric pastries: the brownie is a delight for young and old but displays 471 kcal per 100 g . Better to have a light hand on this type of sweetness…

  1. The galette des rois: once a year only and fortunately!

The galette des rois is not to be outdone when it comes to weight gain because it displays around 450 kcal per 100 grams. Fortunately, we only taste it once a year. Because otherwise, beware of excess.

  1. The madeleine to be consumed in moderation

Little is known but the madeleine hides its game well . Made with butter and eggs , ingredients rich in fatty acids, it is very caloric. Indeed, for 100 gr (about 4 madeleines), you eat no less than 450 cal on average.

  1. Macarons: sweet time bombs

Macaroons are available in all tastes : caramel, vanilla or raspberry for the most traditional or purple or even pink for the most surprising. However, they are all very (too) sweet. They display an average of 430 cal per 100 gr.

  1. Traditional chocolate croissants are also bad pupils

The famous chocolate croissants and croissants are not good examples . Indeed, 100 gr of these foods take about 400 cal.

  1. Is a small meringue light?

The meringue may be light, it is rich in sugar . Therefore, 100 grams contain 390 kcalories.

  1. Lemon pie: a treat that cost your figure

Fresh for summer, the lemon pie is simple or meringue . And hello the pounds! On average, a portion of 100 g is equivalent to 380 kcal.

  1. Homemade gingerbread: the high calorie effort cake

It contains only carbohydrates and therefore no lipids and is therefore recommended for athletes . However, its calorie intake is very important (between 320 and 355 kcal per 100 gr).

  1. The cheesecake, the enemy of your diet

This cheesecake tends to look light . But beware of appearances because it displays 350 cal for a part of 100 grams.

  1. Paris Brest: an overly caloric classic

Do you love Paris Brest? This classic is however far too high in calories with 340 cal per 100 g.

As part of your weight loss, it is SlimPhoria Keto Reviews important to have fun. But before rushing to pastries, it is better to know the number of calories they contain to limit the damage.

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