Say yes! Sex is a great exercise!

When we think of physical exercises, we think of cross-country skiing or running. The rower or the weights are less often in mind, and for the more intense, half-marathons, obstacle courses or CrossFit . Thus, each of these activities has its health benefits. However, physical activity outperforms them in terms of benefits for the body: sex. Make love. That’s it, we have before us the pinnacle of physical activity.

The heart has every reason to appreciate physical love, it is a strong partner to keep fit. Research is there to prove it: cardiovascular risks decrease with the frequency of sexual intercourse.


From the medical point of view, the positive effects on the body are the same as those of sport: heart rate up, sweat and solicitation of many muscles to maintain physical activity. The movements involve several areas of the body: the pelvis, the thighs, the buttocks, but also the arms, the neck and the thorax.

Good sex also costs about 200 calories, which equates to 20 minutes of running!


Of course, the positions adopted directly influence the efforts. The doggie, for example, requires a little more muscles than the Amazon. The partner in action will spend a few extra calories during those minutes when he performs his movements. The glutes and the abdominals are big muscles, so they require more energy!

Studies from the University of Dublin show that cardiovascular risk factors decrease with the frequency of sexual intercourse, and this in proportions of the order of 50%. So, sex decreases the risk of heart attack. What is good for morale is good for the heart! These are other good reasons to make love!

Sexual activity triggers virtuous circles. It improves the quality of sleep, reduces stress and depressive states, not to mention anxiety, risk factor, which regresses through the secretion of endorphins during the act of love.  

On the other hand, it is obvious that cardiac persons must, as with any physical activity, confirm with their doctor if there are any contraindications.


In conclusion, after a study of 3,500 people between the ages of 18 and 102, Professor David Weeks at Edinburgh Hospital concludes his work with the most optimistic equation: three sexual intercourse per week makes it possible to appear 10 years younger!

Here are several reasons to get under the covers and get active with your partner! Everyone wins, your mental health and your physical health, all in pleasure! What better?

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