Lemon juice against stretch marks?

As everyone knows, lemon is a citrus fruit that has multiple beauty and health benefits . Among its innumerable benefits, Nature Crave Keto there is its ability to overcome stretch marks, those whitish streaked spots that cause so many complexes in summer. It is a natural remedy for this type of skin problem and moreover, it is very easy to use.

The benefits of lemon against stretch marks

You wonder how can lemon eliminate these marks which seem however very tough, even indelible ? The high content of vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy citric acid (AHA) in this natural ingredient gives it skin whitening properties. These components also help discolour stretch marks and quickly reduce spots that look more like scars.

But that’s not all, lemon is also a very powerful exfoliant. By applying its juice to the affected area, the skin becomes clearer, more supple, smoother and the stretch marks gradually fade.

How to use lemon to remove stretch marks?

First of all, it should be noted that stretch marks often appear after rapid tightening of the skin. The real cause may be losing weight too quickly , or on the contrary, brutal weight gain. Pregnancy is also a very common cause of this skin problem. And precisely, the advantage of lemon is that everyone can use it, even pregnant and lactating women. It poses no risk of side effects, neither for the mother nor for the baby.

Want to know the recipe? Just take 1 fresh juicy lemon and lukewarm water . Cut the citrus in half and gently rub on the areas where there are stretch marks. Make this gesture for at least 10 minutes so that the anti-stretch mark effects of the fruit act quickly. When you feel the juice has soaked through, rinse with warm water. You can also do it just before the shower for more convenience. Two applications per day are recommended when you start treatment. Once you see that there is a marked improvement, you can switch to a single daily application.

Warning ! Lemon juice should not be applied before exposure to the sun ; it is a photosensitizer capable of causing you an ugly sunburn.

Other lemon stretch mark tips

Lemon can be mixed with other natural products to effectively fight stretch marks. The process remains the same, Nature Crave Keto Reviews but you can add either tomato juice, cucumber juice, or potato juice . Another tip: gently massage the skin with sweet almond oil after applying the lemon juice remedy.

So your stretch marks will leave you as fast as they appeared.

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