Keep the chest high with the sport!

Loss or weight gain, pregnancy, age … the chest of a woman is not immune to the vagaries of life . This is all the more so because the breasts, if they are indeed connected to the muscle of the pectoralis major, are in fact only a network of glandular lobes (which serve for lactation) covered with adipose tissue. Therefore, to keep them at their best, you have to tone the muscle on which they rest.

How to build breasts?

Not any. Avoid those who force brutal or jerky movements, such as handball or jogging . You risk to distend the ligaments and, moreover, these activities will not specifically muscling the large pectoral . Prefer more targeted sports, such as swimming. Accessing a sports machine such as a rower is ideal , but you can also, more simply, do some exercises at home.

Exercises to curve the chest

1st exercise : sitting cross-legged, join the palms of the hands raising your elbows horizontally. Squeeze your hands together for about thirty seconds, exhaling regularly and without letting go of the posture. Release. A series of twenty morning and evening is ideal.

The following exercise is done with small dumbbells of one or two kilos or with bottles of water. It is also advisable to use a gym mat to preserve one’s back

The exercise of the pullover is practiced lying on the back , knees bent and feet flat. Hold the dumbbells over your chest , bending your arms slightly . Bring them up behind your head while inhaling, then return to the initial position while exhaling. You can do three sets of twelve of this movements.

During physical activity , some precautions

For your exercises, choose a quality bra , cotton and wide straps, well adjusted to your shoulders. Nothing is more annoying than having to go up the suspenders every ten seconds because they slip. Ketogeniks Keto Obviously banish the frames and wide notches: your breasts must be well encompassed to not “jump” out of the bra during the effort.

Always make some gentle warm-up movements before your session and keep your back straight. Finally, last but not least: repeat your efforts regularly, at least three times a week … otherwise, it will count for nothing!

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