How to start the Lafay method?

If you want to become muscular without having to buy bodybuilding equipment , you should try the Lafay method. It is a method known to be a very effective way to build the body using a chair and a pull bar .

This method is used by both beginners and professionals. They are invited to do physical exercises that are offered in the program.

Discover here how to start the Lafay method.

What it takes to start the program

To start the Lafay method, you first need to have Olivier Lafay’s book . You can buy the book to train.

The application of the Lafay method is also available for download as a training book. In this book released in 2004, there are a hundred exercises that will allow you to get muscle without having to use the equipment of a weight room .

Then, two supplements are added to this book to give you some tips on performance optimization and sports nutrition. A phase to evaluate you

The Lafay method is carried out slowly. You can train at home. You do not have to go to a gym to train .

The practitioner must go into the exercises he does in the evaluation phase. If you are a beginner, you have to get used to bodybuilding.

At this level, this is the preparation stage. In this step, you must have all your members work. The series will consist of 15 repetitions on average. Try to gradually increase the pace of each movement.

It is important to stretch well during your warm-ups.

The first level of the Lafay method

You must start level 1 once the fitness has been completed. Perform the activities in the order indicated in the schedule.

So you have to start with activity A1, A2 … F, G and so on. Follow all the steps to be done for each activity while remaining in the timing that is requested. It is in this phase of the method that you will be led to do activities to strengthen your neck.

The evolution

As soon as you have done all Level 1 activities, you go to the next level. The content of the schedule will change in this phase so that the pace of each activity can accelerate. This change is designed to stimulate your muscles further . It is very important to break the gloom.

You must do 1 session a week and have a healthy and balanced diet to not ruin your efforts .

That’s why the complements are also to follow to the letter to optimize your change to have the body of a Greek statue.

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