Get an enviable figure with the eggplant diet

The diet of eggplants, not only consists of consuming, water of these every month for 7 days. We also have some other alternatives for you.

  • We will give you a small but significant list of variations, and you can consume eggplant water with some accompaniments.
  • Here we give you a few recipes that do not need amounts, to be delicious.
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They can be grilled or grilled, Eggplants with olive oil, they are optimal for grilling, they acquire a good smoky texture, but since it is a bit dry, it can be spoiled, for this we can solve by rubbing water with salt or oil olive, True Keto Boost and to EMPLATAR: you can put a mixture of garlic, parsley and olive oil, in a nutshell CHIMICHURRI.


Placing the eggplants on a baking sheet, you can accompany them with a slice of Italian squash and peppers, one on top of the other, in addition to a cheese sheet, so that it melts and so you have a vegetarian pizza, the richest. TESTED AND APPROVED!


Laminate as thin as possible, you can roll it where tender asparagus stalks, with ham, place them on a baking sheet and place them in the oven, with a cheese sheet and Bolognese dressing.


Soak slices of eggplants in salt water for a couple of minutes, then let them dry, and then moisten with egg white and bathe them in panko, after doing this, heat in a pan only a teaspoon of olive oil, just so that Do not stick, and toast the eggplant, until it is crispy and its tender interior. Serve with some Greek yogurt with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds plus a pinch of salt.


Laminate at its slightest expression, leave them in the sun for a moment, so that they dehydrate and then fry them in hot oil, until they are crispy, sprinkle with salt and eat them with chimichurri or guacamole.

We give you the option, to consume them also with pate, same as eggplants.


Blend diced eggplants, and soaked in your own water, cut sliced ​​yacon and add them to the blender, as well as peeled olives, and Greek yogurt.

When you liquefy you will get a thick paste, which tastes like olives, creamy to eat with your eggplant chips.

I hope  WAPA girl  that you enjoy these tips for your kitchen, you can also use the oil “El Olivar”  that supports the True Keto Boost Side Effects Healthy Dish campaign, so that the most needy Peruvian children do not suffer from the fearful malnutrition.

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