Foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight

Lose weight simply eat only less frequently or completely eliminate these foods that are presented below.

One of the most common beliefs about weight loss diets is that they are characterized by a poor diet in which hunger and anxiety are part of the daily lives of people seeking to have a better body, which results in a completely false premise and that is the main responsible for what is so complicated to follow a regime in which good food is the daily bread.

Before continuing with the topic mentioned in the title, it is important to clarify that these types of diets, that is to say those in which the consumption of any type of food is almost completely restricted, are not at all recommended due to the nutrient deficit to which the body is subjected, because by not eating food, the lack of nutrients necessary for the body is present, along with all the problems that this entails. And while it is true that this type of “miracle diets” or “fast diets” seem to work, the truth is that the results obtained with them are far from beneficial to the body. Why? Simply because the percentage of fat removed is very small, compared to the amount of liquids, muscle mass and other tissues that are also removed during the time the regimen is followed. It is for that reason that as we have always stood out in MiPielSana, it is not the same to burn fat as to lose weight or lose weight.

So what should I do to burn fat effectively?

The answer is so simple and predictable for many: eat healthier and exercise regularly . However, it is easier said Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews than done, because changing the eating habits overnight requires an immense willpower that not many are willing to obey, and not precisely because of the weakness in choosing food to consume daily, but because the mind and body have already been accustomed to specific types of foods with which to feel that feeling of satiety and satisfaction.

For this reason, given this situation, the ideal is to adopt new ways of eating, prolonged, starting with the substitution of certain junk foods for healthier ones or better still, avoiding them completely, especially if they tend to be consumed between meals more important of the day. Come on, that doing this is not so complicated, since nothing prevents you from doing other activities to distract the mind when the appetite in time is present.

If in spite of everything, you still find it impossible, try to lower or eliminate these foods that are presented below. By doing this you will be able to reduce your daily caloric intake significantly, which will eventually lead you to obtain visible results without even having made a major effort, or going hungry or suffering from anxiety.

Fried and refried

Fried foods absorb an unthinkable amount of oil, especially those with a soft texture. To get an idea, a small portion of McDonald’s French fries provides up to 400 calories of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates that cause increased insulin production, leading to fat accumulation, as well as raising bad cholesterol levels in the blood.


The overflows, in addition to being foods that are prepared through the frying method, are also bathed with eggs, which further increases the absorption of oil and up to twice the calories of a normal fried.

Frozen food

Although this type of food is useful to get out of trouble at any time, the truth is that its nutritional value is too poor compared to foods that we can prepare naturally at home, because they do not provide protein, they have artificial preservatives and even a Good portion of trans fat that is much more harmful to the body.

Prepared coffees

Coffee by itself is one of the foods that most benefits to health, as it contains a high amount of antioxidants that help us delay the signs of aging, improve the health of tissues and the immune system, etc. However, when complemented with dairy products such as milk and creams, as well as artificial sweeteners and other attachments that are very common to find in coffee shops such as Starbucks, they completely lose their properties, becoming no more than a simple beverage loaded with sugars and A calorie bomb that is nothing good to follow in your fat burning plan.

As they say there, coffee should be taken black, pure and hot.

Fast food

In this case it is necessary to point out that the fast food that we find in restaurants such as KFC, McDolnalds, etc., is precisely the one that should be avoided, since certainly, there are healthy recipes made with vegetables and lean meats, mainly, that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and they have a high nutritional value.

Cold meats and sausages

It has been shown that cold meats or sausages of the most commercial brands are usually prepared with the remains of animals that are not usually used for more gourmet preparations. Because of this they have a biological value that is too low that their frequent consumption causes unpleasant damage to health.

In addition, they also provide large amounts of salt, which has a strong impact on the accumulation of liquids and can lead to the development of hypertension.

Energy bars

Maybe at some point it seemed like a good idea to eat a couple of energy bars to go hungry and save you a couple of calories that junk food would give you. A fairly common mistake and that not many become aware, because these bars are mostly made of high glycemic foods that significantly increase blood sugar values, leading to a greater accumulation of fats, especially if these energies consumed are not used immediately.

Breakfast cereals

Nothing richer and more balanced than a cup of cereal with milk to start the day, right ?.

COMPLETELY FALSE !, and that is that box cereals are characterized by including a large amount of sugars, which, Super Fast Keto Boost like energy bars, favor raising glucose levels (blood sugar) and all the problems that this entails . It is true that there are other healthier cereals, so you should always pay attention to labels to know the nutritional information of the products we buy.

As final note

Remember that if you want to make big changes in your eating habits, it is best to do it in a progressive way to adapt to the body to these fluctuations, because otherwise, you will very likely end up throwing in the towel within a few weeks, which is precisely that at They carry miraculous diets that promise notorious results in a short time.

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