Foods that will help you gain muscle and lose fat

List of foods with which you can gain muscle and others that will help you lose fat, and that you should include in your diet the voice of now!

In our previous article we show you a small but very complete guide on how being a beginner could stimulate muscle mass gain and fat loss at the same time . If you have not read it, you can do it in the link marked.

Up to this point, we can know that in the first months inside the gym it is possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, Luxe Trim Keto however, to give way to this complex process it is necessary to make major lifestyle changes, such as starting to practice strength exercises and changing the diet drastically, either for training days, or for rest days.

The reduction in carbohydrate intake, especially processed carbohydrates is an essential step that must be taken to make an adequate transformation process possible, but beyond that, we can also incorporate other foods that will give us an additional boost thanks to their properties thermogenics that will allow us to increase fat consumption , even while on the couch. Others, on the other hand, are essential for the repair of post-workout muscle tissue, which leads to greater growth.

Here are some foods with which you can gain muscle and others that will help you lose fat, and that you should include in Keto Slim 7 your diet the voice of now!

Foods to gain muscle

  • Egg : No one can miss the egg at any of the day-to-day meals. For years, it has been believed that the egg is an important source of cholesterol and therefore, its consumption should be reduced to 3 or 4 pieces per week so as not to have adverse consequences. However, nothing can be more wrong and it is that although it is true that the egg does provide a healthy amount of cholesterol, we must bear in mind that a consumption of 4 eggs per day does not represent any health problem, since most end being good cholesterol. In addition, it has been identified as the food with proteins of greater biological value, reaching between 6 and 8 grams of protein per piece.
  • Sardines : Sardines are foods that in addition to containing a large amount of protein like most fish, are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that strengthen the cardiovascular system, reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, they have leucine, an amino acid that plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins that give way to the formation of new muscle mass.
  • Salmon : Like sardines, salmon provides similar properties that are involved both in improving the cardiovascular system, and in muscle growth. You can read more about this fascinating food and know some recipes to introduce it to your diet if you do not consume it very regularly.
  • Chia seeds : Considered as a superfood, chia seeds provide a large amount of protein, reaching up to 17 grams per 100 grams of the total product. The reason they are considered in this way is because they also contain high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, provide fiber, complex carbohydrates and other nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. In addition to helping you gain muscle, they are also excellent for fat loss, as they stimulate the metabolism in an impressive way.
  • Quinoa : Quinoa is another food that has gained enormous popularity within the fitness community in recent years. All this is because despite being a pseudo-cereal, it contains much more significant properties compared to its “pseudo-homologues.” For example, it provides approximately 17 grams of protein per 100 grams, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, high amounts of fiber and of course vitamins and minerals. Together, all these nutrients, in addition to stimulating the creation of muscle tissue, also helps in fat loss.
  • Greek Yogurt : You may have heard about Greek yogurt and all the benefits it brings to the human body. And of course, if it is a product that allows a higher concentration of casein. In comparison to common yogurt, it contains twice the protein, as well as less sugar and sodium, so in summary, it is a food that you should include in your diet for hypertrophy. Not surprisingly, it is usually included in most recipes for homemade protein shakes.
  • Lentils : For years, lentils have been quite underestimated when thinking about the amount of nutrients it provides. Clearly, the reality is different and as proof of this, it is its high protein content that it has, even much higher than that of meat or any other food already mentioned above, because in 100 grams of raw lentils, we can have up to 25 grams of protein that are essential for our goal. In addition, it also provides complex carbohydrates, fiber and other micronutrients that will improve your overall health.
  • Soy : Soy is a well-known food within the vegetarian and vegan community. The reason? Mainly due to its Dura Burn Keto high protein content that can easily replace those of meat, because in 100 grams we can find, beware! Up to 37 grams of protein with a high biological value that your muscles will undoubtedly appreciate after a hard workout.

Foods for fat loss

We must know that the protein, in addition to being the indispensable macronutrient for building muscle mass, is also a highly satiating compound and therefore, reduces the intake of food, affecting fat loss. In addition, having a greater muscle mass also stimulates the increase in basal metabolism. In summary, this means that with the aforementioned foods we can achieve both objectives, however to have a much greater stimulus, we can include these foods in our diet to continue burning fat to the beast !.

Green tea : Surely you have heard about green tea and how it can help us lose weight in an impressive way, because in addition to being a food with virtually no calories, it also has flavonoids, catechins and tannins that together, accelerate the metabolic rate, inducing a greater amount of basal caloric intake. In order for this effect to be activated we must drink between 4 and 6 cups of tea daily, however, drinking one before each meal will be more than enough to start the metabolism. Of course, it is very important to drink 100% natural tea and without added sugars to take full advantage of all its properties. In case you can’t enjoy a rich cup of unsweetened hot tea, try adding a teaspoon of honey.

Whole grains: Whole grains, that is, those that have not received any type of industrial processing are your best allies when it comes to losing fat. All of these can be found in whole grain products such as bread, cookies, etc. You may have found that for example, whole wheat bread provides more calories than white bread, but remember that calories are not the only thing that matters, since whole foods provide a large amount of fiber that increases the feeling of fullness faster and improves the state of the digestive tract, affecting a greater metabolic rate.

Chile : This food, in addition to all its properties, contains capsaicin which is the compound responsible for providing that itchy sensation in the tongue. In addition, it also works as an excellent metabolic stimulant, since it raises body temperature, forcing the metabolism to work faster to regulate it. This of course, directly affects greater fat burning.

Foods rich in vitamins C: Citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, etc., in addition to other fruits such as kiwifruit, strawberry, guavas and peppers, are rich in vitamin C. The reason why this micronutrient helps you lose weight is because it works as an antioxidant that participates in the elimination of toxins from the body, strengthening the immune system and accelerating the metabolism. In addition, vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of Carnitine, a compound that has been shown to have a high incidence in fat burning, as it allows greater recovery and performance during training, which increases caloric expenditure and consequently fat burning.

Caffeine : Last but not least, is caffeine, a substance we usually find in many of the fat-burning products that the fitness industry offers us. This is because it is a stimulant that keeps us active after consumption and also gives way to a thermogenic effect in the body that stimulates the increase in metabolic rate.

Bonus – Water : Do you already know all the properties of water to lose weight ? Drinking 2 liters of water or Yeah Keto more if you are an athlete, will not only help you keep your hydration levels in an optimal state, affecting the cleanliness of the body, but also help you eliminate excess accumulated fat.

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