Do you know how dermatitis affects men?

Dermatitis already affects more men than women

Dermatitis is a common problem of facial skin. It is characterized by groups of small sensitive or itchy red papules , of a dry or flaky appearance, which affects adults, children and babies. They occur around the eyes, cheeks, nostrils, mouth and scalp, a reaction, often confused with a skin allergy.

This skin problem leads to swelling and continuous redness. People with dermatitis may be more sensitive because their skin lacks certain proteins. Therefore, it is very important to know how to treat it and, above all, with which products to take care of it. Typically, dermatitis has two phases, active and inactive. It is important for men with dermatitis to be able to protect and care for the skin during the inactive phases to prolong the periods between the active phases.

What can cause dermatitis?

Dermatologists have not yet found the origin of dermatitis. However, it is known that there are a number of factors that can influence the occurrence of this disease:

  • Genetics: close relatives or direct relatives.
  • Microorganisms (the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria).
  • Strong detergents, chemicals, solvents, unsuitable products and soaps.
  • Cold and dry weather.
  • Pollution and environmental pollution.
  • Stress.
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Insomnia.

Deficiency of natural moisturizing factors (MFN).

There are many types of dermatitis, most of the time it can be diagnosed by observing a doctor due to irritation and its location in the body. Here are some types of dermatitis:

  • Seborrheic
  • Atopic
  • Numulate
  • Contact

How to prevent and care for skin with dermatitis?

The first step in skin care with dermatitis is to identify the type of dermatitis with the diagnosis of a dermatologist.

It is important to be very meticulous with hygiene, cleaning your skin in the morning and at night with cleanser without detergents and with a PH 5.5 helps maintain the barrier of natural protection of your skin. Discover your kit here!

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Using emollient products (also called moisturizers) is key to skin care and these should be used every day, regardless of whether the patient is in an active or inactive phase.

The perfect shave and without irritation is now possible, you just have to have the right habits and products to completely forget about that post-shave sensation.

Avoid products that do not include sulfates or other aggressive agents, such as alcohol, what it does is irritate the skin and create the sensation of itching and discomfort.

The use of nutritional and antioxidant products, these help soothe and nourish the skin with dermatitis, while restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier.

In more severe cases, dermatological medications: corticosteroids are very effective and quick-acting to relieve itching in cases of severe outbreak. However, it is not a long-term sustainable option since it can have negative side effects. In addition, they cannot be applied to large areas of the skin and lose effectiveness with continued use.

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