Do not confuse definition with wasting away

One of the questions that angers me the most is: How many pounds do I get set? I’m tired of answering, the weight has nothing to do with definition. Want to know how to define perfectly? Give this article a read.

I think it must be difficult for those who have always been used to weighing up to understand this idea, but weight is just the Zylophin Rx measure of how much our body is attracted by the gravity of the earth, you can be super defined and heavier than before.

That is why I always say that the mirror is the best device to measure the definition, better until the tape measure, after all it does not measure the quality of your muscles just the perimeter.

I will try to put better what happens during the definition, to try to stop always answering the same questions:

First: you must reduce your body fat percentage to the maximum, and for that the diet is crucial, you can also resort to aerobic exercise, a maximum of two sessions per day lasting up to 30 minutes, more than that. goes into catabolism and you will be languishing.

If your goal is to compete it is important to train the poses after workouts, isotension exercises, who does not or never did not imagine the amount of effort that is required to hold the muscle at its maximum contraction for a few seconds.

Second:Training should be maintained without much change, what will happen is that as you will be low in calories you will not be able to lift the same loads as before, repetitions should be around 10 to 12 and with as little as possible. In the last set of each muscle group go to complete muscle fatigue, that is to the point where you can no longer lift the weight, this will cause what is called “metabolic overload”, it forces glycogen to enter the muscle and it brings along 3 grams of water for each of them. This water is taken from the subcutaneous tissue and will give the muscle the impression of swelling, which combined with the “thinning” of the skin by dehydration will give the definition.

Third: Hydration is critical at this stage, our body has a number of devices to ensure its survival. And one such device is water retention.

If the body realizes that it will run out of water it will stop flushing it out and so we get swollen, to avoid this we should ingest water all the time in large quantities, as there will be no shortage of the body to store it, simple as that, the more if you take less you stock up.

Fourth: The diet must be balanced, there are carbohydrate-cutting, protein-cutting, fat-cutting myths, forget it, myths are myths, studies prove that even eating extra virgin red meat, egg yolk, chestnuts and olive oil They are necessary to keep our body functioning perfectly even during the diet.

So eat every two to three hours trying to vary your carbohydrate and protein sources, which can be:

Carbohydrates: English Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Brown Rice, Green Corn, etc.

Proteins: chicken breast, lean red meat, pork, preferably fish fillet (hake, sardines), egg whites, etc.

Green leaves can be eaten at will, as the fruits preferably consume in the morning or before training.

Fifth: When you find that you are missing very little to reach your goal, give “Cat Leap”, train normally until Wednesday of a week, on Thursday stop heavy training and continue only with two aerobic sessions.

On Saturday and Sunday, cut salt and protein intake, you won’t gain muscle now, don’t worry. Increase carbohydrate intake, preferably just sweet potatoes, cut water intake in half.

Do nothing, just rest, it is during this time that all the water still under the skin will go into the muscle along with glycogen and some fat. This is done by many athletes two days before a competition, to achieve maximum muscle definition, if they can, you will too.

Now just enjoy your effort and your beautiful body definition.

As you are under metabolic overload, your skin will be thinner and your muscle more irrigated, it will respond almost immediately to warming up, becoming even bigger, and increasing definition, so at that time some athletes get heavier. than before diet due to the large volume of fluid in your muscles.

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