Dips: our beginner’s program

The dips, this series of movement to work massively and together the whole upper body, interests you but you also seems Activate Keto Reviews difficult to address as a beginner? Do not panic, as for all existing sports, some tips are enough to put the foot in the stirrup safely.

Which muscles will I use?

Dips are specially designed to work all the upper part of your body. More specifically, you will focus your efforts on your biceps and triceps, on your chest, your deltoids and trapezius, not to mention your abdominals ! These exercises will develop your strength and participate in a good general muscle strengthening.

This is often a solution offered to all those who wish to increase their advantage, for aesthetic or other reasons.

Dips: for what kind of sportsman?

In fact, it’s a discipline that can benefit everyone. Indeed, some athletes ( especially in street workout or martial arts ) use it to improve their performance. On the other hand, some more moderate sportsmen only practice this to stay in shape and sculpt their silhouette a little bit.

So what is the program?

To practice, stand between two parallel bars (or two solid and stable tables). In the initial position, you must have your back perfectly straight and your arms are stretched. You are suspended in the void, taking care to keep your legs aligned with the rest of your body . Finally, your elbows are unlocked.

It is from this position that you will descend to the strength of the arms. Your elbows fold, your body stays upright. Your shoulders should be very slightly below the level of your elbows at this point. All you have to do is go back up and do several series. Start with a number of reasonable bends and gradually increase.

Tip for a great beginner

If you can, equip yourself with a sports bungee . It will slip under your feet and be held in your hands and bars. As a result, the movement will be easier and you will be able to more easily make series of 10 movements. You will remove the rubber band when you gain confidence and strength.


If we look at the technical aspect of the movement and its important constraints, it is obvious that this activity is not Activate Keto recommended for anyone suffering from a problem of back, cervical or articular upper body.

With dips, you’ll get results as fast as visually impressive. Do not forget to adapt your diet according to your activity!

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