5 tips you should follow to stay on vacation

Traveling is a truly unique experience, although this does not mean that we should neglect health. Therefore, we present 5 excellent tips to have a good diet on your trips.

Everyone dreams of traveling sometime in their life. Knowing the wonderful places that nature has to offer, the imposing constructions that humanity has developed throughout its history and the very fact of entering completely different cultures, where people share ideologies to which we are normally accustomed is, without doubt an unforgettable experience that we should enjoy to the fullest, whatever they say.

However, this can also be a bit counterproductive, at least when we talk in terms of health, and that is, generally, trips to new lands are accompanied by food; lots of food; a sin that we can rarely avoid but that can definitely ruin our lifestyle completely.

And although it is true that enjoying the culinary pleasures of different cultures should not be a problem, the truth is that many of us get carried Ultra Keto Boost away, forgetting about discipline and how important it is not to overdo it.

And thinking about it, we have prepared this article where we share 5 excellent tips that will help you stay fit during your trips, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and without having to sacrifice any important aspect of your life, in this case , health.

  1. The organization is the key

First of all, we must bear in mind that vacations do not begin once they arrive at the destination, but that they start from the moment we start the trip. Whether we transport ourselves by plane, bus or our own vehicle, we must bear in mind that, depending on the distance traveled, there is a possibility that we will need some food to maintain energy or simply to fight hunger.

In the case of airplanes, although these usually serve meals on long trips, the preparations are not always the healthiest, and something else, to say nothing about the taste. To prevent an imbalance in the diet, it is best to be prepared and include a few snacks from home and thus have something to fill the stomach with during the tour. Some ideas of what we can pack for it, is:

  • A packet of nuts such as almonds or nuts
  • Dehydrated fruits
  • Fresh fruits
  • A sandwich
  • Some healthy dessert like Chia and pumpkin pudding
  1. Respect your meal schedules

Sometimes it can be complicated, especially because we move from one place to another knowing the different attractions that tourist destinations have to offer. However, the important thing, as mentioned in the first point, is to maintain a proper organization.

While it is not necessary to have to plan an agenda to schedule all our meals, we should at least make a small effort to try to eat at the times we normally do when we are at home.

There are situations in which this may be impossible, especially if we are doing a tour of the area and it is hard for us to get to the place where we stay to eat some food. For these cases we can take a break and visit a restaurant and order a dish, as long as it is balanced, or take a healthy snack with us so as not to miss the corresponding food.

The importance of this is due to the fact that as humans, we have the habit that if we skip some food, the next one is very likely to give us a binge in which caloric intake can rise excessively, because we think that as not We made the previous meal, then we will have to compensate. Serious error that does not always end with the best results.

  1. Avoid fast foods

Another frequent mistake that most travelers usually make is that they focus a lot on knowing the greatest number of sites when they are already at their destination, forgetting about food almost completely. When hunger is large enough to ignore it, the first thing they usually do is go to the nearest fast food restaurant to fill the tank and leave again.

Some of these restaurants already offer options such as caesar salads or light versions of their main products, but the truth is that the nutritional quality of these is always in doubt, so if possible, it is best to avoid such places.

No one doubts that eating a hamburger with french fries and a soda occasionally has nothing wrong. The problem is that during vacation time, this can become a habit that we probably find it hard to leave, even once we have returned to homes to continue with our usual lifestyle, so be very careful.

The same happens in restaurants where you have more control over the food served. Although these are usually prepared with fresh ingredients, in most cases they are accompanied with hypercaloric dressings to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Thousand island salads, ranch, blue cheese dressings, alfredo sauce, are very frequent companions in salads and pastas that provide a lot of calories, so if possible, it is highly recommended to replace them with healthier options such as vinaigrettes or dressings (the pesto, for example).

  1. Beware of caloric drinks

Long walks are usually very common during trips, especially when it comes to seeing cities with many attractions that are worth a walk. Clearly, the constant movement also requires greater hydration and many times, this is usually supplemented with the use of commercial isotonic drinks that, although they help to quench thirst and replenish electrolytes, they also have excessive amounts of sugar and additives that are not Nothing recommended for health.

Here we share this recipe with which you can prepare your own isotonic drink with ingredients that you will surely have on hand or that you can easily get, regardless of where you are:

  • 500 ml of purified water
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt in grain
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • The juice of one or two oranges (or any other citrus to choose)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten

Just mix all the ingredients in a glass and you’re done, you’re ready to follow your routes without worrying about hydration or calories consumed. Water alone also helps, although this will already depend a lot on the amount of liquids and minerals lost during the trips.

Another point to consider is alcoholic Ultra Keto Boost Reviews beverages that are very frequent during holiday periods. If you are going to drink do it in moderation and try not to become a constant habit, since this adds many calories to your body, not to mention about the damages that excessive alcohol intake brings to the body.

  1. All with measure

It may seem like a warning slogan in the advertising shorts of the breweries, but the truth is that it makes a lot of sense.

While vacations are the perfect time to relax, have fun and enjoy life itself, this does not at all mean that just for that reason you will have to follow an uncontrolled pace of life, since this, without a doubt, can be so rewarding that returning to A healthy lifestyle will be very difficult.

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