5 exercises to lose weight you can do at home

Many times we need to lose weight and we cannot attend a gym, either because it is closed for vacations or because we are the ones on vacation, we do not have time or money, etc … we may need exercises Flow Fusion to lose weight that we can do in our own house, but no ideas arise. Then you have nothing more and nothing less than 5 exercises to lose weight that you can do at home .

Backgrounds between chairs

This exercise is the famous funds between gym benches, to work the triceps. We will simply have to take two chairs of the same height to be able to perform this exercise comfortably. If we need some ballast to increase the intensity, we can put a few bottles of water in a backpack and place it on our legs.

Squat squats

These are basically one-leg squats with body weight, to make them we will wear comfortable shoes, we will stretch the arms forward along with one of the legs, and then we will lower as much as possible and then we will climb. We will complete all repetitions with one leg and then move on to the other. Needless to say, it takes a lot of strength and flexibility. We will work on twins, buttocks, abdomen, quadriceps and femoral.


The star exercise for chest. This exercise if done correctly, slowly and with some weight (using the same idea as with the bottom between chairs), is a great stimulus for our pecs and triceps, and will help us lose weight. There are quite a few variants of push-ups, which will help us to work our shoulders to a greater extent, others only the triceps, etc … there are also some variants of high complexity, so we may not be able to perform even a repetition.


An exercise that we can do anywhere, we will simply need a bar that is at a certain height or we can even do it with the top of our doors, work a lot of muscle, help us gain muscle mass and burn enough calories. With this exercise we will work the biceps , back in general and upper pectoral.

Sit ups

A great exercise to lose weight and also work the abs well , we will simply need a soft surface so as not to tear our buttocks apart (we can simply put a small cushion or some folded towels on the floor where we rest). Very easy and effective, in addition to cash, certainly something that should not be missing in your routine at home.


And these are only 5 of my favorites, but there are endless more exercises we can do at home to lose weight only using our imagination. Not being able to attend a gym is no excuse for not exercising our muscles even slightly, and if you are not looking for an overly ambitious physique, Flow Fusion Reviews you can do it by performing routines at home with your body weight, just eat properly, rest well and increase the volume and frequency of the routine (exercising enough days and enough time) to cope with the lack of intensity, although depending on the exercises you choose, the intensity can be quite high.

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