4 tips to be at the top after a flight

On the plane, you do not have to be flirtatious, but you can still arrive at your destination, refreshed and refreshed. To be impeccable after a long-haul flight, follow our tips.

It’s the holidays! The suitcase is ready, too, but before arriving at your destination, you must still endure the long hours of flight that separate you from the place where you will be staying. Pure Reviva DermĀ  To take advantage of this long-haul flight in the most comfortable way possible and land any dapper, discover the actions that save.

Moisturize and drink water regularly

Control the hydration! This is really the point to remember. Drink water as regularly as possible during the flight while leaving aside soft drinks and especially alcohol. Know that at altitude, its effects are increased tenfold and you may be more dehydrated. After a few hours in the air, the skin pulls and the mine appears all shabby, it’s normal. The fault with dry air and little renewed, present in the cabin. A few days before departure, do not hesitate to make a mask . A hydrating sleeping mask that is left overnight, for example, or a cloth maskpacked with assets that delivers results right out of the box. On the day, choose the products (less than 100 ml) that you will take on the plane.

Here are some essentials:

  • Moisturizing cream: to apply before the flight and for if the skin pulls
  • Antibacterial gel and hand cream
  • Lip balm: to renew as many times as necessary
  • Thermal water: to spray on the face or the legs as soon as the need is felt

Go for a light makeup

Do you want to make up? Very good, but, adapt your make-up because it can badly age after several hours of flight. So use a light tinted cream or just a concealer to fade your imperfections and dark circles. A touch of mascara to enlarge the look and a veil of blush on the cheekbones for good-looking effect. A few minutes before landing, you can apply a nice lipstick. The secret to look fresh and rested. Do not forget mattifying powder or matifying papers to avoid shine.

Nourish your hair

In flight, the hair becomes very often electric because of the heat and dry air. They are also quite raplaplas. To display a soft and shiny hair at the exit of the plane, take the time to pamper them with a nourishing oil like sweet almond oil.

Light legs

In the air, the circulation of the blood is slowed down. It is not uncommon for your legs to become heavy and swell. To avoid this inconvenience, be sure to drink plenty of water (yes always!) And get up every 2 hours maximum. Stretch and do some exercises on board. The must ? Provide stockings to buy in pharmacies before departure.


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